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Journal of Findings In Civil Engineerign and Architecture (JFCEA) is an open access and peer reviewed journal. The main objective of JFCEA is to provide a platform for the scholars, academicians and researchers to share the contemporary thoughts in the fields of Civil Engineerign and Architecture. JFCEA aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in Civil Engineerign and Architecture.

The jfcea is mainly focusess on the following issues:

 Construction Management and Material Design, Geotechnics, Environment, Earthquakes, Housing and Community Design,Hydraulic and Hydraulic Structures,Structural Engineering , History, Theory & philosophy of Architecture, Theory of Historical Environments, Planning Theory of Built Environment, Urban & Architectural Safety Planning,Structures. Sustainable Environmental Design,  Sustainable Architecture, Energy and Building, Planning of Acoustical and Lighting Environments, Thermal Environmental Planning, Planning of Urban Environment, Technological Research and Physical Materials, Technology of Architecture,Transportation,  Structural Control in Dynamics, Structural Systems Engineering, Building Materials and Structural Systems, Water Resources